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Here are some of the thoughts from our students and their parents: 




'My children have taken several art classes with Melody Lam and we love Melody. She is an energetic and fun teacher who interacts and engages her students with fun activities and a cheerful, loving attitude. In our particular class Melody made drawing fun and exciting for children ranging from age 3 to age 10. As a former schoolteacher, I was impressed with her ability to hold the attention of so many age groups at the same time.

Melody provided fun activities like “describe your dog” and “make a ruffle skirt”. With Melody’s clear, simple instructions all of the children were able to improve their skills beyond what they thought they could do.

Although the students had a range of abilities Melody was able to celebrate the successes of all of the students and make them feel confident in their own personal accomplishments. I hope my children will be able to take more classes from Melody in the future.'

'Melody Lam is fantastic at working with children and patiently coaxing in technical art skills while nurturing creativity the entire time. My girls, ages 7, 5 and 2 loved her classes and clambered for more!' 

Heather Hammond

Poppy Roberts


' "媽咪,妳知道為什麼公主的臉是橘色的嗎?因為她超愛吃紅蘿蔔的!結果醫生說要喝很多水很多牛奶,結果竟然變成藍色了!"我四歲的小女兒在上完Melody的課後興奮的告訴我!四歲的她在melody遊戲式的引導下,學會了色彩的運用、混色的樂趣!"Tell me" what's your favorite food? "," Egg!" 由一個蛋延伸到地球的形成,六歲的兒子在Melody與他無空間的雙向式的思考下,開心的興致勃勃的畫成這幅圖畫!我隨意的要兒子畫個生日卡片,他竟然畫了一張用bubble letter技巧的動物園來!



"Mum, do you know why the princess' face has turned orange? That’s because she loves eating carrots! So the doctor told her to drink more water and milk; but guess what? She then turned into blue!" My 4 year-old daughter excitingly told me after her class with Melody. Despite her young age, she has learnt about the use of colour, the fun of colour mixing through the creative art games in Melody's art classes.
"Tell me, what's your favourite food?", "Egg!" My 6 year-old son answered. This "egg" has artistically evolved into the formation of the planet Earth! Melody has led him into an interactive world full of imagination without boundary as he finished the painting with excitement and passion! One day I asked my son to draw a birthday card, he surprised me by creating a zoo with his ‘bubble letter’ technique.

This is the magic Melody can bring to your kids, the magic of combining fun with creative thinking in art. Children are naturally attracted to her creativity and she radiates passion and energy in her classes. Their natural creativity have been cultivated and maximised under her guidance, same as their technical skills as they reached their potential. You will realise your kids will always be full of joy after the lesson, sometimes they don’t even want the class to come to an end, they very much look forward to the next time when they will have fun with art again!'

Caroline Chang










'Melody is a wonderful teacher.
She is very gentle and good at creating a good relationship with people.
The class was so much fun and all of us were really engaged in it.  
She gave both parents and children a chance to have fun together through drawing and painting.
We could learn not only technique but also greatness and pleasure of creating art.
She also told us how we can be creative.
I will definitely recommend her to my friends.'


'Melody is patient, encouraging and great with kids. My son loves her as she is so much fun to be around with. Her lesson covers a wide range of art techniques. As parents, I really appreciate the creative element in Melody's art classes, it really sets her classes away from others. Her classes are inspiring and gives my son the confidence, focus and ability to express his ideas in front of the class. I love it when he talks me through his art work and where he gets his inspirations from, which has never happened before taking these art classes. 

Melody's passion to art and children are truly infectious!'

Katie Walsh

'Last year, we met Melody, who is an energetic and passionate lady as a friend and an art teacher. She skilfully and tactfully brought my kids (age 12, 8 & 5) into the drawing world which is filled with fun, creativity and enjoyment. Not only my kids love art evermore after the lessons taken, their skills in drawing are brought up to the next level with her vivid, easy to understand and encouraging demonstration. I was really impressed with only a few lessons taken by my kids, they do show great improvement in their drawing. I have never met an art teacher quite like Melody, who is the gem of my kids.'

Amy Pao



'What makes Melody’s art classes so special is her great communication with children to bring out their individual character. Through her gentle yet creative communication approach, even the most shy and quiet students will enjoy their classes.In line with her aim, she cultivates children’s creativity by praising and growing their strength.With Melody’s positive attitude, I highly recommend her lesson to any parent as my kids have thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of it.'

Kaede Fujinuma

'I went to an Art class at Melody’s, and found it very enjoyable and interesting. As a person and a teacher, Melody was engaging and extremely helpful with improving my art skills. She introduced different styles of painting to me, which included using acrylic paint and oil paint- something which I had never used before and which helped me later when doing my Art GCSE coursework. Melody is great with children as she is warm and encouraging and, after the class, I felt that I had learnt a lot from it; the session included painting with oil paint and using Acrylic paint to create three small square landscapes, as well as developing my creative skills. The highlight of the session was using my newly developed skills to create an oil painting; I was very happy with what I had achieved and was surprised at how much I had learnt from just one class. One of the reasons I enjoyed the class so much was because Melody was willing to adapt the session to the topics and techniques of art that I wanted to focus on, so that I could develop and learn the skills that I was interested in, as well as learn techniques that I had never known about before. I would definitely recommend Melody to a friend, because she is such a positive teacher and person, and I found the class very fun as well as educational.'

Amy Dunford (Student age 14)

Louise Cambell


'My kids absolutely enjoy Melody's art classes, they love being around her too! Melody is warm, fun and so good with kids at any age. Some of the tasks in the class are truly inspiring, I particularly love the creative drawing game called 'Drawing Swap' and 'Be a story teller', the kids cannot stop telling me about it after class. 

I like the balance of creativity and technical elements in the class, my elder daughter enjoys learning about great artists and their techniques as they were introduced to her in such a fun lively way, and they can have a go at applying it in their own drawings.

The skills, attention and creativity Melody's class provides is exceptional, my kids feel more confident and are more in love with art then ever!'

Misao Tanaka

Chloe Chan (Student Age 17)

'For me, the term ‘Perfect’ simply does not exist in art. I like to replace the idea of perfection with ‘Beauty’ instead. What Melody has helped me fully understand is that there really is no right or wrong, fundamentally the ordinary can be altered, developed and perceived as something rather extraordinary…like a hidden gem.All from attending my first lesson with a friend whom has previously been to many of melody’s classes, I have attained invaluable knowledge of techniques in drawing, even through tracing back to simple concepts of drawing a basic line. Melody has unveiled new approaches with drawing skills which I have never thought about. What I solely admire is how Melody emanates a positive appreciation to what I may identify as a weakness or mistake in my drawing, such as the wrong positioning of a stroke of line that I think if have made. Melody will acknowledge the mistake I see, as something that is a significant contribution to the drawing and worthwhile keeping because it builds character. This has really helped with strengthening my confidence in drawing and limited my use of erasers which is beneficial, as I am more productive with my drawings now! Melody has a bubbly charm, she carries a passion with art that is truly inspiring and expanded the way in which I perceive things. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I look forward to the next time!'


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