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Through the use of various forms of art, we aim to encourage children to be CREATIVE, EXPRESSIVE and SIMPLY ENJOY ART. We engage children with famous artists in a fun approach and introduce them to concepts, mediums and techniques that are rarely offered in school in order to develop their technical skills as well as creative thinking.

Our Classes

We offer a range of art classes for different age groups


- After School Creative Art Classes (Age 5-11)

- Private Art Lessons
- Holiday Workshops
kids-art-class-nw3-children-creative-finchley road-hampstead-lesson-after school
We love CREATIVITY ...

Creativity is what keeps the brain active; it makes each of us different from each other. It creates uniqueness and gives children their very own identity; a strong foundation to solve challenges in different forms and shapes in their current as well as future path.

Most importantly, creativity allows children to see and experience the world with multiple perspectives, ask not necessarily the right question, but questions that have never been asked.

Welcome to the Creative Young Artists' world!


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